Puppy love: Rachel Zoe's son Skyler gets more than he bargains for on an outing in Beverly Hills


Dog Day Afternoon: Rachel Zoe crouches down with son Skyler as they pet a small dog in Beverly Hills today

Some children are scared by their first encounters with dogs, while others are immediately delighted.
Rachel Zoe's 17-month-old son Skyler fell squarely into the latter camp yesterday, when he and his parents stopped to pet a couple of dogs in Beverly Hills.
Watched over closely by his mother, the toddler smiled as he eagerly patted two dogs, which were small enough not to intimidate the tot.
Skyler was momentarily caught off guard when one of the puppies jumped up to lick him, scrunching up his face and turning away in surprise.

Puppy love: Rachel shows her excited son how to pat the dogs ... and one of the dogs jumps up to lick him

But the toddler continued to laugh and pat the puppies after he recovered from the extra dose of enthusiasm from one of the dogs.
Crouching down beside her son and joining in the puppy love, Zoe wore a long grey sleeveless T-shirt over boot-cut jeans.
The 40-year-old stylist to the stars rounded out her outfit with a wide-brimmed black hat, large dark sunglasses, black platform shoes and a patent leather tote.
Skyler, meanwhile, wore cute denim overalls over a white sleeveless T-shirt.
And puppies weren't the only new friends the toddler was making. At one point he also stopped to exchange pleasantries with a police officer.

Friends in high places: Skyler exchanges a few pleasantries with a police officer

After all the excitement was over, Rachel sat with Skyler and husband Roger Berman, stopping to take a break on a sidewalk window front.
The stylist-turned-designer once told InStyle magazine that her son is her favourite person to style because he has 'no opinion' on the hundreds of designer outfits she puts on him, unlike her clientele of A-list divas.
'Every minute I have to buy things for my son,' the notoriously skinny fashionista said. 'It is too much fun. It is like dressing a live doll. He has no opinion.'

Clothes horse: Rachel wore a grey sleeveless T-shirt over boot-cut jeans, a wide-brimmed hat and dark shades

Mother and son were also spotted out yesterday in West Hollywood.
Skyler was seen wriggling in his mothers arms, as she struggled to hold on to him.
At one point she could be seen whispering in his ear, perhaps in a bid to sooth her excitable son.

Family unit: Roger Berman sits with his son Skyler and wife Rachel

The stylist to the stars was clad in a flowing black dress for her outing while Skyler was dressed in a striped onesie.
Rachel didn't bother trying to make him wear a hat - recent attempts have seen him throw it off as he proved quite the unwilling model.
Over the weekend Zoe took her son out shopping, trying on three different trilby hats on her little man.

source: dailymail