It's a sabre-tooth SQUIRREL! Rodent faces daily chore to eat because of bizarre curly tooth


Food challenge: The squirrel struggles to nibble at the awkwardly shaped corn cob due to her tooth growing out of her mouth

A big cob of corn would be a challenge for any squirrel – but this little creature’s sabre tooth is making it even harder.
These are the adorable pictures of the squirrel struggling to eat its inner in a garden in Missouri.
To overcome the issue she had to paw the food in rather than biting away.
The cute squirrel was snapped by amateur photographer Bill Tiepelman who noticed her after she started making regular visits to his garden.
The clever creature will not let her tooth get between her and her food and uses her paws to prevent the food Bill leaves out for her from falling out of her mouth.

Clever girl: The little squirrel has adapted to her dental issue and uses her paws to hold her food in her mouth

Web developer Mr Tiepelman said he first noticed the squirrel because she moves much slower than her friends.
He has been photographing her for months and says he has noticed that the tooth gets in her way.
‘The tooth is so big that she even has trouble climbing trees - she has to take very slow, deliberate movements so she doesn't poke herself in the eye with it.

Careful climber: The squirrel has to move slower than her friends so she doesn't hurt herself with her big tooth

‘It's very weird to watch - I leave food out for the squirrels to eat, and I've seen her holding the food in one side of her mouth.
'Her struggle is inspiring too - as even with the deficit, the squirrel has learned to manage with it and overcome!’

Sabre-ing fact: Wonky teeth growing outside of the mouth is not uncommon in squirrels

source: dailymail