Holidaymaker stopped from coming into Britain with a new handbag made from a whole IGUANA (including its head)


The head of the iguana and its claws are visible on the front of the handbag

While it might have been a clear case for the fashion police, it was the border agency who stepped in to confiscate one woman's latest accessory, a handbag made out of an entire iguana - complete with its head and claws.
Customs officers at Cardiff Airport were stunned when the holidaymaker returned from a trip to Morocco with the exotic lizard as her fashion accessory.
They quickly swooped on the creepy couture which is on a list of endangered animal skins that are illegal to bring in to Britain.

Border control at Cardiff Airport have warned holidaymakers about their exotic purchases

With her sense of style possibly affected by the heat of the sun, the woman's latest purchase was made out of dried iguana skin.
At least one body of a lizard had been stretched out into a satchel, while its head was turned into a clasp and the claws used for decoration.
Border control officials at Cardiff airport becaus

An entire iguana, similar to the one pictured, was used to make the handbag

Fashion lovers were warned about not picking up the animal skin bags at markets and bazaars while on exotic getaways.
Alex Lawther, assistant director of the Border Force in Wales, said: ‘My message to holidaymakers is simple - don’t do it.
‘At best, you will have these items taken off you and at worst you could face a criminal conviction.
‘Some people are quite surprised and upset when we tell them that they cannot bring the items into the country.
‘Just because you can legally buy an item while on holiday abroad, it does not mean you can bring it back to the UK.

A market in Morocco selling a range of exotic gifts and accessories

‘Importing products made from endangered species is illegal and there’s no doubt it’s deliberate - you can’t buy such a product without being aware of its origin.’
Animal skin is legally protected under international trade agreements which prevent it being taken through customs.

source: dailymail