Hangdogs, horse-riding pugs and kittens in shopping carts: The Emergency Puppy Twitter account with the world's cutest animal pictures

The Olympic Games came and went in a blur, and now a shadow of post-Games gloom hangs over Great Britain.
But FEMAIL is here to help - bringing you a little Friday pick-me-up guaranteed to make you feel fuzzy inside.
From teacup pigs to furry friends, Emergency Cute Stuff is a Twitter account designed to warm even the coldest of hearts.
Describing itself as 'For those moments when you really need to look at a puppy (or something else that's cute)' the account, which has 73,000 loyal followers posts images of adorable animals to brighten up any day. Here is our pick of the cutest...

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Giddy up! This pug gets his riding gear on for an afternoon trot

source: dailymail