Four snarling pit bulls savage a MINIVAN to try to reach terrified kitten inside (but it got away after 25-mile ride hiding under hood)


Safe and sound: The kitten, which was given the name 'Fender Linx' by officials, is now available for adoption

Savage pit bulls trying to get to a stray kitten hiding in the engine compartment of a minivan flattened the vehicle's tire and chewed away big chunks of the fender and bumper.
Four pit bull terriers had chased the kitten into the engine compartment of a Dodge minivan, which was parked in Banning, California.
The animals belonged to the owner of the vehicle.

Savage: A group of bloodthirsty pit bulls caused major damage to this minivan while trying to get to a cat that was hiding in the car's engine compartment

Vicious: The minivan suffered damage to its fender and bumper after the dogs had their way with the vehicle

The man, who was not identified, changed the tire on Monday, and - without knowing about the scared kitten inside - drove 25 miles from Banning to Palm Springs.
To add to its amazing tale of survival, the kitten also survived the drive, and had moved into a hollow part of the front bumper before it was discovered by the driver.
Palm Springs' Desert Sun newspaper reported that an animal control officer freed the feline following a 40-minute process that involved removing the bumper.

Angry: The driver of the minivan was also the owner of the dogs, similar to the one pictured here

Bodywork: The front bumper of the minivan had to be removed to get the kitten out

Surprisingly, the small cat was found to be in good health when examined by veterinarians.
The paper reported that officials named the kitten 'Fender Linx' due to the conditions of her rescue.
Fender Linx is now available for adoption at the City of Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

source: dailymail