Boris on a space station, hanging from a giraffe, and dodging a shark: Mayor of London's hilarious zip line escapade gets the viral treatment


Jumping the shark: Mr Johnson's is seen dodging the jaws of a deadly shark in this online spoof

His blundering appearance on a zip line over Victoria Park immediately swept across Twitter, so it was only a matter of time before Boris Johnson's latest stunt went viral.
The Mayor of London had appeared yesterday on a zip line in central London, only for the stunt to backfire when he became stranded in mid-air above bemused onlookers.
And as with any eye-catching news picture which captures the internet's imagination, it wasn't long before the dangling mayor had been subjected to some serious Photoshop work.

Flying high: The Emirates Cable Car system gets a touch of the London mayor treatment in this hilarious viral

Lost in space: The Mayor of London finds himself above the Earth's atmosphere in this effort

Hanging on the wild side: Mr Johnson dangles from the mouth of a giraffe, and right, hangs in a baby bouncer

Internet memes showed the London mayor narrowly avoiding the jaws of a shark in his now iconic zip wire harness, while another hilarious spoof showed him hanging haplessly from the mouth of a giraffe.

A light-hearted take opn Friday's Opening Ceremony sees Mr Johnson soaring across the Olympic Stadium

Another viral pciture closer to home shows Mr Johnson hanging in the place of one of the pods of the Emirates cable car next to the 02 Arena.
Mr Johnson became stuck when he tried out the 45-metre high, 320-metre long zip wire at the London Live event in Victoria Park, where visitors can watch the Games action on a big screen or try their hand at a range of Olympic sports.

Of all the internet virals, the Mayor of London is least likely to appreciate this one showing him on the end of a giant David Cameron's finger

Rear view mayor: Mr Johnson hangs from a car mirror in another internet pranksters effort

Onlookers began taking photographs on their mobile phones, and one shouted: 'I heard Ken Livingstone set up the zip line.'
Mr Johnson, waving a couple of Union flags, responded: 'This is great fun but it needs to go faster.'
He shouted to helpers: 'Get me a rope or a ladder.'
Eventually event staff pulled him to safety.

Child's play: Photoshop experts were quick to reimagine the London Mayor as the centrepiece in a game of conkers

A more topical effort saw Mr Johnson spliced on to the end of an Olympic weightlifter's equipment

Hanging loose: Boris Johnson in Victoria Park today, in the original stunt which sparked the flurry of internet virals

source: dailymail