Woman, 22, who couldn't afford to have sick kitten put down is jailed after letting teens force it to drink BLEACH and then drown it


Killed: The ginger tabby is pictured alive and well before it was brutally killed by two teenagers because his owner could not afford to have him put down when he got ill

A woman who had two teenagers kill her 10 week-old kitten by trying to drown it, forcing it to drink bleach and break its neck has been jailed.
Bethan Louise Lawson feared she could not afford to have her ill kitten Puss Puss put down, so two youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also tried to break the creature’s back or neck.
The 22-year-old then buried the kitten in the middle of a well-trafficked roundabout using a potato masher.

Jailed: Bethan Louise Lawson was jailed for letting the two teens kill the kitten by drowning him, pouring bleach down his throat and then breaking his neck

The crime came to light when an anonymous letter was sent the local RSPCA revealing that Lawson and her two friends tried to drown the kitten before pouring bleach down his throat.
When RSPCA Inspector Claire Wilson confronted Lawson, she took her to the centre of a busy roundabout in central Middlesbrough, Teesside where a potato masher marked the grave of Puss Puss, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.
The potato masher had been used to dig the shallow grave in September last year.

The dead body of Puss Puss in a box in an unknown location filled with toys, a teddy and an 'I Heart Cats' pillow

Inspector Wilson also found a note reading: ‘Hey Puss Puss, we love you, and are sorry that we hurt you, but we didn’t want you to suffer.’
It was signed by Lawson, the two youths, who have been prosecuted, and two others who were not taken to court.
A post mortem showed Puss Puss suffered a possible broken neck, bruising on his shoulder and concluded that he probably died of drowning, but possibly from other injuries.
Lawson denied having any involvement in the death, blaming it entirely on the pair, a teenage boy and a teenage girl.
She was found guilty of jointly causing unnecessary suffering, failing to protect Puss Puss from suffering and not taking reasonable steps to protect the kitten from pain, injury, suffering and disease.
John Ellwood, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told the court.
‘She rather cruelly attempted to put all the blame on two youths.’

source: dailymail