Thirsty? Sun bear gives a foot-long hint that a cool drink may be in order


The Sun Bear shows off his incredible foot-long tongue for visitors to Singapore Zoo

A glimpse of this extraordinary Sun bear could certainly leave you tongue-tied.
The small Sun bear - so called because of the crescent shaped marking on the front of it's chest - may stand only four foot tall but it possesses a tongue which is a quarter the size of its entire body.
And this creature was keen to show off the impressive appendage to visitors to Singapore Zoo. Photographer Wayne Lawler took the amazing picture during a visit.
Despite its grisly appearance Sun bears are the smallest member of the bear family.

Sun Bears use their enormously long tongue - which is around a quarter the size of their entire body - to steal honey from bee hives

Their incredible tongue is perfectly adapted for finding food - especially honey.
It uses its impressive tongue to pilfer the sweet treat from beehives hidden away in tree trunks.
The Sun bear is native to the rainforests of south east Asia. but its numbers have declined in recent years.
It is feared encounters with humans is blamed for the fall in populations.

Sun Bears - named after a golden yellow patch on their chest - has sickle-shaped claws in order to help them climb trees to escape predators and forage for food

source: dailymail