Puppy love! While her fiance's away, Miley Cyrus turns to her four-legged friend for company


Look how cute! Miley Cyrus picked up Ziggy as a pup in January and Saturday tweeted an updated photo, saying, 'Pool day wiff ziggy piggy'

With fiance Liam Hemsworth thousands of miles away filming a flick in New York City, Miley Cyrus has already found another warm body to cuddle up with.
But Liam needn't worry, Miley's arms are being wrapped around a four-legged creature with a serious underbite.
The actress posted photos of her and pooch Ziggy on Twitter over the weekend.
'Pool day wiff ziggy piggy,' a playful Miley wrote on Saturday, posting a photo of her hugging pet bulldog, Ziggy.
The rescue pooch, who has an intelligent gaze over her wrinkly snout, was front and centre in the photo.

Growing family: Ziggy has grown since Miley posted this photo of her, Liam, and the pooch on June 22

The 19-year-old, wearing what appeared to be a bathing suit underneath a loose tank top, held her tight and kissed her thick neck.
The photo appeared to have been taken in the singer's backyard.
Meanwhile, E! Online is reporting Miley may be in talks to replace Jennifer Lopez as a judge on American Idol.
Lopez does not want to return for the next season, the website reports, and producers are looking at replacements, including Miley and Katy Perry.
Since bringing Ziggy home from a shelter in January, the Hannah Montana star has often spoke of her affection for the rapidly growing puppy, a birthday present for Hemsworth.

'I love this girl': Miley tweeted another sweet picture on March 1

Two weeks earlier, she posted a family photo of the trio cuddling.
"Got Liam THE best bday pressie ever!" the singer shared on Twitter on Friday, Jan. 13th when Hemsworth turned 22.
A few days later, Cyrus spilled the beans on her surprise gift for her man. The couple has at least two other dogs.

source: dailymail