Our 35-strong piggy posse: Kind-hearted rescuer took in two pint-sized sows... Now she has giant herd of micro-pets


Strength in numbers: Lisa Walker now has 35 piglets after two sows she adopted, along with two of her original animals, gave birth

They may be pint-sized but, for one breeder, these micro pigs have become a big problem. Lisa Walker took in two sows to play alongside her four pigs after learning that they were destined for the chop.
But the 37-year-old has now been left with a herd of 35 pigs after both adopted sows and two of her original pets became pregnant.
To add to her worries, demand for the once must-have pets, which sell for up to £1,000 and should grow no more than 18in tall, have slumped amid tales of buyers being duped into taking normal piglets that turn into 10st porkers.

Mrs Walker, who used to breed micro pigs as a hobby at her home in Bridlington, Yorkshire, has been forced to give up her job at a bakery to care for them full-time.

Hands full: Mrs Walker will have to care for all the pigs as they are difficult to sell nowadays

‘If I tell people we have micro pigs, they say, “But they get really big – I’ve seen it on the news”.
‘People have seen the horror stories of people buying pigs that they were wrongly told were micro pigs and them ending up as great big pot-bellied pigs.
‘But they’re not all giants – the genuine micro pigs only grow up to about knee height.’

source: dailymail