Morning world: Caddy the Wombat baby greets the world from her home-made pouch


Morning: Tiny Caddy the orphaned wombat emerges from her pouch at the shelter in Melbourne

This is the moment a baby wombat emerges from inside her home made pouch which has become her home after her mother was killed by a car.
Caddy is lucky to be alive as she was in her mother's pouch at the time of the accident and has been living in the temporary accommodation at Warrandyte Wildlife Shelter, in Melbourne, ever since.
As well as the care being given to her by a team of experts, the 18-month-old wombat has a pair of cuddly teddy bears that have been used to keep wombats company for the last decade and a half.

Hesitant: Reluctant at first, Caddy peers out from the safety of the pouch made by staff at the shelter

It's too early: Caddy sticks hear head out but does not seem to be pleased about being woken up and seems to 'shoo' away the photographer in an attempt to retreat back to the warm pouch

Maybe: Slowly but surely the little orphaned wombat makes her way out of the pink and blue pouch which is her home

My teddy: Caddy has found comfort in two teddy bears which have been handed down from orphan wombat to orphan wombat at the shelter

Caddy has won the hearts of the Warrandyte Wildlife Shelter in Melbourne - and judging by these pictures that does not come as a surprise

source: dailymail