Lovely weather for... er, slugs? Washout summer offers perfect conditions for breeding monster molluscs


Mammoth: The slug in Don Proctor's garden in Torquay, Devon

This super-sized slug proves that there are some creatures who are more then happy with the extreme wet weather Britain has endured this summer.
The monster mollusc which measured over six inches from tip to tail turned up in Don Proctor's garden in Torquay, Devon.
The stunned householder believes it's thrived on the wet weather and munching on his wife's precious plants.
Floods and heavy rain have helped create ideal breeding conditions for the slimy molluscs, which are crawling over flower beds and destroying produce across the country.

Menace: Mr Proctor believes the monster mollusc has thrived on the wet weather and munching on his wife's precious plants

'My wife's a keen gardener and she's noticed her plants have been slowly disappearing - now we know why,' Mr Proctor said.
'I've never seen one quite so big as this one.
'I think they're usually between a quarter-inch to four inches long.
'This one was six inches.
'It was a whopper.'
The slug and snail population is said to have trebled in some parts of the country, due to the combination of a mild, frost-free winter, a heatwave in May, and the recent cool, damp weather.
Earlier this summer it emerged that researchers had found up to 1,000 slugs per square metre in some areas, which could mean a total of up to 15billion across Britain.

source: dailymail