Kitten found trapped in glue along parking garage's floor rescued after hours of careful cutting


Trapped: This eight-week-old kitten was found trapped in glue coating a parking garage in Salem, Oregon earlier this month

An 8-week old kitten found trapped in glue on the floor of a parking garage has been freed after hours of cutting and emergency calls that brought paramedics to the scene.
Found stuck in industrial-strength glue, the black kitten had squirmed himself to the point of immobility while on the floor of a Salem, Oregon garage on July 18.
Discovered by a passing woman her immediate call to a local animal shelter is credited for saving the animal's life.
'It was a miracle because the woman who found him called us at three minutes to closing time. We don’t usually answer the phone that late,' Penelope Mack, a board member of Salem Friends and Felines told Who Did Good Today.

Tiny find: A woman found the cat on the second level of this garage prompting her to call a local hardware store, paramedics and a veterinarian

'We told her to find a janitor, and see if anyone could find a way to remove him while we were responding,' she added.
In the meantime Ms Mack said she quickly called a local Ace Hardware store asking for advice on how to remove the glue from the cat’s body.
'There is no tougher glue than floor adhesive. It is a two-part adhesive, and it dries permanent,' Donna Stebbins, a manager at Ace Hardware who received the call told Who Did Good Today.

Glue: Said to have been industrial-strength glue, seen, a manager of a local Ace Hardware shop said that there wasn't a chemical strong and safe enough to break it from the cat's skin

'I researched for a couple of hours, and there was no good answer. Any solvent strong enough to take off the glue would take off skin as well,' she said while adding: ‘It didn’t matter what we had to do, this kitten needed help.’
Getting to the scene, Ms Mack said she arrived right as paramedics with the Salem Fire Department did too.
Carrying out a stretcher, Ms Mack said they were entirely surprised and unprepared for what they were responding to.
They were, however, able to cut out the floor around the kitten, taking it to the Willamette Valley Animal Hospital.

Hours later: After hours of cutting the glue from the cat's body the kitten, newly named Ace after the hardware store, is said to be doing fine

'He was covered pretty much his entire bottom side and his legs were [stuck from the] adhesives to his chest. He couldn't walk or move,' Joshua Braden, who works at the animal hospital told KGW.
Passed into the hands of Dr Laura Magruder, she worked late into the morning using a small razor blade to remove the adhesive and fur.
Her and another doctor said they worked for two to three days in a row chipping away at it.
'It was a very slow, very methodical process,' Mr Braden said, while adding that the cat sat through the whole procedure patiently.
'It's like he knew what we were doing was going to help,' he said.

Cone head: The cat does still have some glue stuck between his toes, however, issuing a cone around his head to stop him from licking his feet

Seen today able to move and run freely, albeit with a cone around his head to prevent him from licking some remaining glue, the cat is said to be doing tremendously better.
'The adhesive is gone, except on his toes. They are still glued together and we are hoping that the hair will grow between his toes and we can cut that out,' Dr Sherri Morris of the animal hospital told Who Did Good Today.
The cat has since been adopted by Ms Stebbins who frequently called to check up on him and named Ace, after the hardware store.

source: dailymail