Burglar snared by dog bite: Criminal attacked by Rottweiler caught after police take DNA evidence from its teeth


Bark off: Missy saw the burgler's hand come through this cat flap and bit it to protect her home

A family dog helped snare a burglar after biting him so hard that police were able to use blood left in the dog's mouth to trace him.
Missy, an 11 year-old rottweiler sank her teeth into the crook as he reached his hand through the cat flap at the home in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
The usually mild-mannered pet did so much damage that police were able to take DNA samples from blood left at the scene - including on Missy's teeth.
The attempted break-in happened at Pauline Cunningham’s home last week while the family were away dealing with an emergency.

'A big softie': But Missy did what she had to do to protect the family home

A neighbour who was looking after the house found the back door covered in blood and called the family back.
Pauline, 53, said: 'She’s now a crime fighting dog. Usually she’s a very docile family pet. It’s so out of character for Missy.
'She’s a big softie and a lovable old girl. In dog years, she’s an old pensioner.

Proud: Pauline Cunningham, daughter Amanda and grandaughter Kayla, 2 , with Missy. The plastic cat flap has clearly been looked at by forensics and the hole has been boarded up

'She’s as far from an aggressive dog as you could get.
'Missy must have been threatened that night. She’s used to the cats using the cat flap, so she must have heard something that spooked her.
'When the neighbours rang to explain what happened I thought they were winding me up.
'But when they told me forensic teams were in the kitchen I realised they were telling the truth.
'There was blood smeared and splattered all over the door and the kitchen.'

Takes the biscuit: Missy, seen here with two-year-old Kayla, is usually meek but was forced into action when a burglar threatened

Chilling out: The 11-year-old rottweiler takes a break from being a 'crime-fighting dog'

The neighbours who were looking after the property that night turned the lights off and left the stairgate open – meaning Missy had the run of the house and the burglar had no idea she was there.
The next morning when neighbours checked, they found the back door drenched in blood and called the Cunninghams.
The attempted break-in happened somewhere between last Thursday evening and 9.30am on Friday.

Proud: Missy's family admire her bravery when she took on the burglar and won last week

Missy’s family were away from their home at the time dealing with a family emergency.
Daughter Amanda, 25, said: 'The burglar must have reached through the cat flap trying to reach the door handle.
'Because the lights were off he wouldn’t have seen Missy coming.
'It looks like she grabbed hold of his arm and tried to pull him through.'

Fighting fit: A neighbour who was looking after the house while the Cunninghams were away found the back door covered in blood thanks to Missy's intervention

source: dailymail