Baked crab! Hilarious pictures of sunbathing crustacean prove it's really NOT better under the sea but on the sand


Life's a beach: The cheery crab catches some rays in California

When hot weather strikes there are few who can resist the charms of the beach for a spot of sunbathing, including this crab.
It was spotted soaking up rays on the shore of California's South Lake Tahoe by photographer Nick Brown who whipped out his camera to get a shot of it.
The crab appeared in its element as it posed for the camera, enjoying itself too much to even think about snapping back.
'I was down on the beach just for a walk and stumbled across this little guy taking in the hot weather,' Brown told The Sun.

'There was something almost human-like about how he was enjoying the rays.
'He was definitely content sitting there, although it was so hot I’m sure it wasn’t long before he went back to cool off in the water.'
The England-born photographer now lives in Sausalito, California, working mainly out of a San Francisco office.

Chillaxing: The crab was spotted sunbathing by photographer Nick Brown

A scuba-diving fanatic, much of Brown's work features sea life.
His find comes a week after family in Washington State discovered Jesus Christ's image peering up at them from the underside of a crab.
In a bizarre twist, the face was also the spitting image of Osama bin Laden.
The family were unloading a pot of crabs into their boat when they filmed the creature.
They finally spotted the holy - or evil - crab, while watching the film after they got home from holidays, and were dumbfounded.

source: dailymail