There's a Frisbee around here somewhere: Dog finds its hairdo hampers its chances at Frisbee European championships


A shaggy dog story: How this woolly dog manages to catch a Frisbee with its eyes covered in fur is anyone's guess

More than 60 pets and their owners put their agility and dexterity to the test last weekend at the Extreme Distance Frisbee European Championships for dogs.
The competitive canines, and (equally competitive no doubt) owners from around the world, were all taking part at the Flydogs event in Budapest, Hungary.
As if the tasks weren't difficult enough, one particularly shaggy dog had to battle through a seemingly-endless mane to catch the flying disc mid-air during several rounds of the competition.
Much like their human counterparts it seems, a bad hair day can seriously affect your performance. Participants at the annual competition took part in several different categories, including Toss and Fetch and Freestyle, with the aim of keeping the Frisbee in the air for as long as possible.
The agile animals performed a rigorous series of routines, and had undoubtedly been trained for years to get to this stage.

Nearly there: An incredibly athletic dog strains every muscle in trying to catch a Frisbee

The dogs and their owners take part in highly choreographed routines, involving a Frisbee (or flying disc)

The dogs are encouraged to jump higher in the air once they become more confident.
Winners of the European Championships qualify for the World Disc Championships, which takes place in Tennessee in the US, in September this year.
One competitor noted: 'It all depends on the perfect harmony between dog and handler.'

The winners of the Extreme Distance Frisbee European Championships will win the right to compete in the world championships, held in September in the US

Eva Nagy of Hungary and her dog Booboo compete in the freestyle catching category

Not letting go: A successful catch is made by one dog during the extreme distance category

The determined dogs revel in the competition, which often requires months, and sometimes years of training

That's my boy: The athletic feats of the canines never ceases to amaze

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