Snakes on a... motorbike: Rider keeps his cool at 164mph after slippery customer appears over the ssss-speedometer


The snake is shown at the bottom right of the picture lunging at the biker's hand from the motorcycle engine

Riding at 164mph you would expect a motorbike engine to hiss - but maybe not because it had a snake in it.
When an yellow serpent reared its ugly head out of the engine of this bike the Brazilian man in the saddle amazingly managed to remain calm at first.
That was because at first he thought it was just a prank - a fake rubber snake placed there by his friends.

Having stopped on the side of the road, the biker jumped off before returning to kick the snake out of the road so it didn't get run over

But when it stuck out its forked tongue, the rider realised it was no joke - he had a dangerous snake on his hands at while he sped down the road.
As the creature slithered over his hand, the motorcyclist headed for the kerb and tried to slow down. Finally at a standstll, he jumped off the bike and ran for cover, returning shortly after to kick the snake out of the road so it did not die.

sourc: dailymail