I'm head over hooves: Bull pulls off his party trick during encounter with matador


Spanish bullfighter Jose Palazon looks on as his first bull tumbles headfirst during the last bullfight of San John's Hogueras Fair held in Alicante, Spain

Usually they just paw the ground, put their heads down and charge.
This bull, however, seems to have been determined to put on more of a show during his encounter with Spanish matador Jose Palazon.
Perhaps encouraged by his opponent’s somewhat attention-grabbing green and black ensemble, the creature bounded into action, performing an astonishing head flip that flicked up the sand in the arena.
It’s a good job his horns didn’t sink into the ground, otherwise he might have been stuck like that...

The fight was part of a traditional fiesta in Alicante, eastern Spain, celebrating one of the most important festivals in the city’s cultural calendar.
Las Hogueras de San Juan – the Bonfires of St John – marks the feast day of St John and lasts five days.
Bullfighting is one of Spain’s most popular sports, but critics say it is cruel because the animals are baited and then killed.

source: dailymail