Hoo do you think you are?! Bully boy owl makes surprise swoop to knock unsuspecting female off her perch

Chivalry is dead: The male burrowing owl descends on the unsuspecting female from behind as he attempts to steal her perch

This female owl looked the picture of contentment as she sat on a fence post - until she was subjected to a spectacularly rude surprise attack.
A male flew up behind her and knocked her off the post in an attempt to win the prized spot. He had been struggling to get purchase on the barbed-wire fence and clearly wanted a more comfortable perch. The fascinating behaviour was caught on camera by photographer Rob Palmer close to the small town of Last Chance in Colorado, U.S.
The 58-year-old, from Littleton, Colorado, said: 'This female is a burrowing owl.
'She was being mock attacked by a male along the fence line.
'It just appeared as if he wanted to chase her around. The female looked a bit flustered by it all.'

In a flap: The male starts off struggling to get a foothold on the rusty barbed wire

Envious: Still unable to settle on the uncomfortable stretch of fence, the male burrowing owl sees a far better spot - but it's taken

Dethroned: The triumphant male enjoys his spoils after unseating the female with a surprise swoop

source: dailymail