He's made a dog's dinner of that! Hungry pet raids the fridge - and empties its contents across kitchen


Dogged determination: A video shows a dog opening a fridge with his teeth

Make no bones about it, that's one hungry dog.
A video shows the moment a famished pet discovers how to open a fridge door - and proceeds to rummage through its contents for a snack.
With the camera rolling from a nearby table top, the animal tries a few times before he gets hold of the door in his mouth.

Barking mad: The dog peers into the fridge to see what takes his fancy

Once he's inside, he gets his teeth into the contents of the fridge - although he doesn't seem particularly taken with any of the options.
Balancing on his back legs, he pulls out pizza boxes and food containers and throws them to the floor, before peering back inside the fridge.
Clearly not content with anything on offer, he eventually resorts to tugging out an entire shelf, which clatters to the floor.

Takeout: The pet pulls out pizza boxes and throws them to the floor

Nothing fur me: Not taken with any of the contents, he pulls out the fridge's shelves which clatter to the floor

The video, uploaded to pet entertainment network Petsami's YouTube page, has received more than 27,000 hits in just two days.
As one viewer helpfully suggests, perhaps the star of the video was just a 'hot dog' in need of a cool down.

source: dailymail