Facebook flashmob to the rescue! Animal lovers save stray dog with head stuck in plastic container after worried woman posted his picture

Paw thing: This photograph showing a hapless dog with its head stuck in a plastic container sparked a full scale rescue mission after it was posted on Facebook

A stray dog which got its head stuck in a plastic container has been saved thanks to a flashmob-style rescue party organised through Facebook.
Kind-hearted Tracee Burton spotted the hapless hound in obvious distress as it wandered by the side of the road in woods near Memphis Tennessee.
Concerned that it might suffocate or starve she immediately raced over to try to help, but the terrified animal scurried off into the woods.
So Tracee called her friend Beth Gresham who nipped-out during her lunch break to see if she could find the dog. She spotted it and managed to get close enough to take a picture but every time she approached it fled into the woods.

Saved: The starving animal, now named Miracle, has a new home thanks to the kind-hearted rescuers who tracked it down in woods near Memphis

But Beth, who works at a local jobsite, isn't one to give up easily and after returning to her office she posted plea for help on her Facebook page asking anyone in the area to come and join the hunt for the little stray.
'Tracee Burton called me this frantic when she saw this dog...she stopped and tried to help it but it went into the woods.
'I went on my lunch break and it was laying down I thought the worst !!! Got within 15-20 feet and it raised its head but went into the woods. Came back out and was able to get this pic (it has been zoomed in).

'I am leaving jobsite now and going back by. Hoping it will be laying in same place and traffic noise will help me sneak up !!
'THIS BABY CAN NOT EAT OR DRINK with this container stuck !!! VERY THIN can see ribs !! Must be getting some air or would not have lasted this long today !!
'If ANYONE CAN HELP please let me know ASAP!!!'
Friends began sharing the photograph over Facebook and before long dozens of volunteers with water, a rope, and container cutters had flocked to the spot to join the hunt.
The dog, now named Miracle, was found on Saturday night and rescuers were able to use container cutters to free it.
They also found another stray dog during the search, and both animals have now been found new homes.

source: dailymail