Codebreaking cat helps his owner solve word puzzle by putting his paw on the final answer


Hidden talent: Chas the cat found a unique - and very cute - way to help his owner with a crossword clue

All pet owners like to think their furry friends are smart - but college lecturer Arthur Farminer may have a better case than most.
The Gloucester pensioner couldn't help but chuckle when his quick-witted cat Chas provided him with the answer to the very last clue in his crossword.
The persistent puss kept plonking his paw down on the page, preventing Arthur from finishing his 'codebreaker' puzzle.
It was only after repeatedly moving the ginger cat out of the way that Mr Farminer realised the word he needed was - of all things - PAW.
'We love Chas to bits but he does like jumping on homework, keyboards or getting in the way at any moment you are trying to concentrate,' said Mr Farminer, who lectures at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire.

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'I was trying to work out the last couple of letters in the Weekend [Gloucester] Citizen’s Codecracker and Chas kept putting his paw on top of the puzzle.
'Every time I moved it away he just put it back again and it was only then I realised he was trying to help.
'His perseverance made me realise the missing word was "paw".'

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source: dailymail