Barking mad: Beauty student is too scared to leave home after her pet dog eats its way though two laptops, a mobile phone and an entire ARMCHAIR


Claire Riley from Northampton with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Pups

Dogs can be expensive to look after - but nobody expects their pet to literally eat them out of house and home.
That's the predicament 19-year-old Claire Riley has found herself in less than a year after she brought her pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pups home for the first time. To date the hyperactive 11-month old has destroyed two laptops, a mobile phone and TV wires and eaten an entire arm chair - leaving her owner with a bill for more than £1,500.
Miss Perry has now been forced to drop out of her college course in hairdressing and beauty therapy, because she's too scared to leave Pups home alone.
She said: 'She is absolutely crazy. 'Pups is the cutest thing ever when I'm around but if I even leave the room she goes nuts.
'She is hooked on anything electrical and literally eats my laptop.

A taste for upholstery: The hungry puppy has destroyed a £250 armchair, and shredded her owner's sofa, right

Pups managed to gnaw through a thick laptop

'Once I lost loads of coursework I'd saved on my laptop because Pups ate straight through the back of it.
'It was quite embarrassing because I had to go to college the next day and explain that my dog literally had eaten my homework.
'I walk Pups three times a day and feed her proper dog food but she's got a fixation with my stuff.
'She has destroyed my home.
'I have had to fit two new kitchen cupboard doors. It has cost me an absolute fortune, at least £1,500.'

Computer damage: The Staffordshire Bull terrier can't be left alone for more than 30 minutes without going on an wrecking rampage

The frustrated pet owner even spent £140 on a dog whisperer to see if he could stop Pups wrecking her home but he told her the pooch was beyond help.
She said: "The whisperer said there was nothing he could do and that he has never seen a dog like it.
'Nothing works. He could not recommend any techniques. Hopefully age will slow her down.
'I just have to keep shouting at her and hope one day she will listen. It is hard work. I am housebound with her.
'I have come this far with her. I hand reared her with a bottle. I don't want to give up on her now.
'I'm still hoping things will change. Until then I just have to hide my laptop and phone and hope she grows out of it.'

source: dailymail