Will Pudsey be top dog tonight? MARIANNE POWER collars Britain's Got Talent's dancing pooch ahead of final rehearsal


Yabba dabba dog! Pudsey shows off his Flintstones-inspired routine with trainer Ashleigh Butler and Marianne Power

Pudsey, the dancing pooch, is having something of a diva moment. He is being expected to perform under circumstances that are, quite frankly, not acceptable to a star of his talent and standing.
The problems are two-fold. First, he is being asked to run across wet grass, which means getting his perfect paws wet. And Pudsey really doesn’t like that.
‘He hates wet grass. Usually we practise on concrete or indoors,’ smiles his besotted owner and dance partner, 17-year-old Ashleigh Butler, who is trying to motivate him with chunks of cheddar cheese (his favourite snack, along with ham sandwiches, pasta and steak).
The second issue is that he is working with a rank amateur: me.
The canine superstar has already patiently shown me his ability to walk like a human, pirouette better than Darcey Bussell and wiggle his bottom in a way that would make Beyoncé jealous.

While all her school friends are partying or with boyfriends, Ashleigh's world revolves around Pudsey. He was given to her as a birthday present when she was 11

He has even leaned on my back and nestled his head next to mine. But now he’s had enough.
I am kneeling down, holding out my arms to form a circle, waiting for the little bundle of white fluff to leap through them. This is one of his signature dance moves, one he does with doggie abandon on stage with Ashleigh. But he’s not playing ball with me.
Pudsey takes a half-hearted run up, then ducks under my arms rather than through them. We try again, and this time he goes over the top.
A third time, he plants his paws in the ground and barks, casting us a look that says: ‘That’s your lot!’

'People come up to us on the street and say: "Ah! It's Pudsey," and ask for a picture. We've had loads of people asking us to do public appearances at schools and clubs,' said Ashleigh

‘Pudsey has his own mind. If he doesn’t want to do something, he can just walk away as if to say: “I don’t feel like doing it today,” ’ says Ashleigh, cuddling him.
‘I would never make him do anything he doesn’t want to do.’
Are you sure he isn’t just having a celebrity hissy fit? Letting fame go to his head?
‘I’d say he could turn into a bit of diva,’ Ashleigh jokes. ‘I caught him looking at himself in a lift mirror the other day as if to say: “Who’s that handsome guy?” He knows something big is going on.’

'Pudsey has his own mind. If he doesn't want to do something, he can just walk away as if to say: "I don't feel like doing it today,' said Ashleigh

And indeed it is. Tonight, Ashleigh and Pudsey will be one of 11 acts competing in the live final of Britain’s Got Talent for the chance to perform in front of the Queen and win £500,000.
It’s safe to say Ashleigh and Pudsey are one of the favourites to win. Simon Cowell fell in love with the act during their first audition — a dance to the Flintstones soundtrack.
‘This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life,’ he declared.

'Just teaching him (Pudsey) to do his two-legged walk took three years. You've got to constantly practise, but that's his best trick - he loves doing it. Sometimes he thinks he is human,' said Ashleigh

Then, in the semi-final, David Walliams compared them to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and to Torvill and Dean, such was their chemistry and timing during the 1920s routine.
While the show has seen its fair share of performing dogs (remember Buddy the opera-singing pooch last year and guitar-playing dog Laika in 2010?), Pudsey’s talent is in a different league — and the judges are smitten.
‘Last week Simon came backstage looking for a cuddle from Pudsey, and David came to the trailer to have his picture taken with him’, says Ashleigh.
‘But Pudsey’s like: “Whatever!” He isn’t starstruck.’
As for the rest of us — we’ve all gone potty for Pudsey, too.

source: dailymail