Where do you think you're going? Bossy baby puma tries to stop zookeeper leaving her enclosure by grabbing hold of his leg


Where do you think you're going? Adorable seven week old Missuula tries to catch her zoo keeper as he tries to leave her enclosure

As little madams go this seven-week-old puma really takes the biscuit.
The bossy baby feline - named Missuula - might be young but she's not frightened of throwing her weight around.
She was pictured today, by photographer Stephanie Plick, attempting to catch her zookeeper a he left her enclosure at Freidrichsfelde zoo, in Berlin.
With an expression that most parents will appreciate as being a plea for playtime she looks up at the keeper with wide blue eyes.
Missuula weighs around 3kg and is the first puma offspring to be raised at the zoo in 22 years.
Pumas are the most widespread of the American cats and have the largest distribution of any mammal in the western hemisphere.

These large slender animals are found across a diverse range of habitats, from arid desert to cold coniferous forest, and although terrestrial, can swim and climb trees when they need to.
Pumas are powerful predators and hunt by stalking and ambushing their prey. However, if ill or young, they themselves can become lunch for hungry wolves or bears.

source: dailymail