Well, that was awkward! The hilarious photos of owners who love their pets... perhaps a bit too much


One for the album: Spot is wondering why his owners have extra e-collars just lying around

Animal lovers are known to do just about anything for their pets.
But these families seem to have gone a step further to show their affection.
A set of hilariously posed photos from the team behind AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com is a reminder of what can happen when pet owners become a bit obsessed.
Mike Bender and Doug Chernack are the authors of Awkward Family Photos, a collection of some of the most excruciating poses, hairstyles and fashion choices ever to be captured in print. An online gallery ranges from absolutely absurd (take the example of a man posing with a monkey in the shower), to overly staged (a family dressed in white gowns and tuxedos posing with their Maltese).

Glamour shots: They didn't want the dogs to miss out on such a grand affair

Criminal: Looks like this mutt got into the wrong crowd

Help me! Little guy picked an unfortunate place to nuzzle up

Scary: Is an animal sacrifice about to go down?

Back at the barn: The family that's awkward together, stays together

Ready to ride: Why take the car when you have a perfectly well-coiffed mule?

Look this way! Getting a pig to pose is rough work

Eyes on the road! The adorable pup couldn't wait to give his owner a big sloppy kiss - let's hope it didn't cause any accidents

source: dailymail