Weighing in...the hedgeblob: Rotund hedgehog tips the scales at twice his normal size after snaffling all the CAT food


Does my paunch look big in this? Roly Poly the portly hedgehog lolls in a set of scales next to his rather shy normal sized companion

THERE’S no need to hedge any bets here.
When Roly Poly and a fellow hedgehog were placed on a set of scales, it was clear which one was heavier, weighing in at 4.5lb, way above the normal 1.3lb.
His excess size leaves him unable to carry out his natural defence mechanism of rolling into a ball when facing danger. So now he is on a strict diet at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, Somerset.
He piled on the pounds after a couple found him in their garage, looking underweight, and began to feed him bowls of cat food.
‘We’ve had to house him in an otter box because a normal hedgehog one is far too small,’ said Pauline Kidner, of the rescue centre which cares for 4,000 birds and animals a year. ‘His intake of cat food and cat biscuits has been reduced to 150g (5oz) a day so he’s gradually losing weight.’
Once he is near 2lb, he will be released back into the wild.

Roly, have you been at the Whiskers again? The portly hog got so fat he couldn't even roll into a ball and as such has been put on a diet

source: dailymail