Surviving by a whisker! Miracle moggy lives with metal wire embedded in its stomach for two years after being abandoned


On the mend: Annie after the operation to remove wire from her stomach

A miracle moggy has baffled vets after surviving for TWO YEARS as a stray - with metal wire tearing at its belly.
Annie, who is at least two years old, first became trapped in the wire when she was just a kitten, medics believe.
She has grown with the wire wrapped around her, leaving her with an abnormally skinny waist - and painful wounds where the metal cut into her skin.
Amazingly, the feline was entangled for such a long time that her body absorbed the wire as her skin healed over it.
Annie's horrific injuries only came to light after she was spotted by a concerned member of the public who saw the wire sticking out of her skin.

Agony: X-ray showing wire wrapped entangled around Annie's stomach and under her skin

RSPCA officers were called to catch Annie on Thursday May 3 and immediately took her for treatment. It is believed the cat was living wild but had previously been a private pet, in Hucknall, Nottingham.
RSPCA inspector Gary Eastwood said: 'The wire had actually cut slowly into the cat's abdomen and was mostly under the skin, and the skin had subsequently healed over it.
'The likelihood is that this wire has been around the cat for a very long period of time, possibly from when she was a kitten.
'I am actually amazed she managed to survive for so long, and had she had got an infection she almost certainly would have died.
'I do not believe this wire was put on her deliberately, the likelihood is she got caught in it and couldn't get free.
'But this does act to as a timely reminder to people that they should keep any loose wire or hazards out of reach, as sadly, cats, small animals and wildlife can get caught in them, and it can cause a tremendous amount of pain and injury if this happens.'
Annie will now be transferred to the RSPCA Radcliffe on Trent Animal Centre, Nottingham.
The RSPCA are also appealing to anyone who may recognise Annie or who may know who her owner is to come forward.

source: dailymail