Seemples! Leopard surprises safari-goers as it stands on its back legs like a meerkat to stalk its dinner


Curious: The leopard raised herself on her haunches at the game reserve in South Africa

This loping leopard in a game reserve raises herself up on her haunches in a remarkable impersonation of a meerkat.
The big cat moved into the unusual standing position to peer over long grass after it spotted some gazelle. The predator remained bolt upright for a few moments before her would-be prey got spooked and ran off.
The bizarre moment was caught on camera by safari guide Anton Walker at the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve in South Africa.
Mr Walker took the picture when the big cat made the meerkat pose, amusing those who were on the safari.
The guide, from Beyond Kirkmans Kamp safaris, said: 'This young female leopard was walking down the road, scent marking, when she heard three impala in the distance.
'She then got up into a comfortable position to peer over the long grass to get a better look at them

Original: Two meerkats in Botswana scanning the horizon, demonstrating their famed raised upright pose

'They however ran off and so she missed the opportunity to hunt them. She then continued to walk and she found a tree to climb up into and rest.
'Later that afternoon she was found with a kill so she was eventually successful with her hunting.'
The Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve is a privately owned area bordering the Kruger National Park.
It is renowned for leopard viewing in the area due to the relaxed nature of the animals.

Familiar: A stance more commonly associated with leopards than up on its hind legs like a meerkat

source: dailymail