Now that's a DASH-hound! Moment dog mistakes lit rocket for toy and runs around with firework in his mouth


Dash-hound: A Dachshund runs up to a lit rocket and claims it as his own

This hilarious video shows the moment a mischievous pup mistook a lit firework for a doggie toy - with dangerous results.
The dog, which appears to be a Dachshund, runs up to the white rocket shortly after it is lit. The pet then runs frantically around the area until his owners are able to pry the sputtering rocket from his mouth.
The video, obtained by Petsami, shows the wiener dog run up to the rocket shortly after it is lit. He cocks his head sideways to grab it and then makes off, rocket in mouth, beginning to run around the area.
All the while, sparks and smoke are erupting from the rocket. The dog appears spooked by the sparks, which only encourage him to run faster.

Sparky: The dog grabs the rocket and takes off with it

Explosive: The dog runs around in a dusty enclosure as the live rocket keeps firing

Hold on there: A man tries to chase after the dog, which will not slow down

Easy boy: He finally dropped the rocket after an adrenaline-filled 30 seconds

People run to pry the firework from the dog’s mouth before he hurts himself, but the Dachshund is not to be stopped.
He runs around more until he is finally stopped by a man and a boy.
The dog doesn’t appear to be hurt – only frightened.

source: dailymail