Let's hope he doesn't see red! Scarlet butterfly rests on toothy cayman's nose


Unmoved: A butterfly is perched on the nose of a cayman, but despite ist vicious reputation the toothy beast seem more than content with having his new friend rest on his snout

This brave butterfly flutters down, using a Cayman's head, then snout as a landing pad. But the reptile seems to just grin as the insect perches inches from two rows of sharp teeth.
The Brazilian Cayman, a relative of the alligator, didn't bat an eyelid as the butterfly landed first on his head, then his nose.
Amateur wildlife photographer Pavel Zahorec, 56, got the snap as he travelled down the Rio Negro in a small boat in the Brazilian Pantanal.
Pavel, from the Czech Republic, said: "I was in a small boat floating down the river and was taking photos of the coast and a nearby lagoon.
'On one sandy beach there were a lot of sunbathing caymans with their mouths half open.

One: the butterfly swoops in on the scene, the cayman unaware of the what is going on above his head. Two: The butterfly starts off between the eyes but it seems the nose suited him better

'I spotted a butterfly flying around the caymans and sitting down on them.
'The butterfly was obviously enjoying it and the cayman wasn't against this kind of contact. Only sometimes he winked his eye to show he was alive.
'The whole scene lasted about a minute. The butterfly flew away later and the cayman continued its siesta in the sunshine.
'This shot happened by accident, without any preparation. I was just there at the right time and in the right place and my equipment was ready.'

source: dailymail