Don't let this one off the lead! Saltwater crocodile called 'Jugular' goes on sale as family pet.. and he's sure to keep away burglars


Snappy: Jugular the saltwater crocodile has gone on sale for 1,400 Australian dollars (£870)

Most people wishing to keep unwanted intruders out of their home tend to opt for a burglar alarm or a menacing rottweiler.
But those who want to go the extra mile can opt for a novel home security system that is more accustomed to the swamps of Northern Australia.
A saltwater crocodile, ominously called 'Jugular', measuring 5ft 3in has gone on sale as a family pet, with its owners promising you'll never be burgled again.
The reptile has been put on sale for 1,400 Australian dollars (£870) by owner Tracey Sandstorm, from Geelong, Victoria - who is throwing in a free box of plasters.
'They make great guard dogs and you are unlikely to ever be burgled again, but they tend to make a meal of any other animals they have to share the backyard with,' said Tracey.

Menacing: Jugular's Australian owners claim that saltwater crocodiles 'make great guard dogs'

She added: 'Their husbandry can be a little demanding and feeding time is not for the faint-hearted. [It] is a bit of a frenzy, with a mixture of chicken, fish and even dead rats their preferred tasty treats.'

For sale: The saltwater crocodile, which measures 5ft 3in along, enjoys chicken, fish and dead rats

Despite the obvious security benefits, saltwater crocodiles are not the easiest pets to keep around the house. Whoever snaps up Jugular will need a heated swimming pool, and will have to be prepared for him to grow to up to 18ft - more than three times his current length.
'They need an indoor heated swimming pool and I've installed a croc flap in the back door because they can get a bit impatient waiting to be let in and out,' Tracey said.
Saltwater crocodiles are known to treat humans as prey and aggressively attack and eat them whenever possible.

Predator: Saltwater crocodiles can grow up to 18ft long and are known to attack humans

source: dailymail