Dogs named Bomber and Blitz fall 70ft down cliffs... and narrowly miss GERMAN tourists enjoying picnic on beach below


Bomber (left) and Blitz (right) had a lucky escape after they plunged 70ft from the top of a cliff in Porthleven, Cornwall. They landed on sand and escaped unharmed

Two dogs named Bomber and Blitz had a lucky escape after plunging over a 70ft cliff - and narrowly missing a German couple enjoying a picnic on the rocks below.
The fortunate canines had been walking with their owners Clive and Sally Morley while on a family holiday in Cornwall when they took their tumble, forcing the European holidaymakers to scramble for cover.
Blitz, a two-year-old border collie, and Bomber, a springer spaniel aged three, landed on sand and emerged unscathed.
The collie had been sat by the edge of the cliff, near Porthleven, when Bomber bounded into her and sent them both tumbling off the edge.

The Morley family with lucky canines Bomber and Blitz. Left to right: Bertie, 13, Clive, 55, Bomber, 3, Sally, Blitz, 2, and Henry, 11

Clive, 55, of Basildon, Essex, said: 'I had my back turned when it happened, I was just about to take a picture and then I heard a load of commotion.
'I turned round and could only look down, my heart was in my throat.
'We saw that Bomber jumped up straight away and ran off.
'Blitz stayed there for a couple of seconds and then got up.
'We found a little path down to where they were, I couldn’t believe what had happened.”

The couple, along with their two sons Henry and Bertie, rushed the dogs to Rosemullion Vets in Falmouth to get them checked over.
Sally, who works as a teaching assistant at an infant school in Billericay, Essex, added: 'I don’t think the German tourists knew what was going on.
'They were totally shocked.
'Amazingly neither dog was hurt or suffered any broken bones.
'Blitz was just in a bit of shock and Bomber had a little graze on him.
'After they fell off the cliff our other dog Storm was just looking over and couldn’t work out what to do.'

Cliffs near Porthleven, Cornwall, where Bomber and Blitz fell 70ft onto the sand below

Stuart Saunders, practice manager at the veterinary surgery, said: 'The dogs were really lucky to escape. 'It was a 70 foot-drop and they were fortunate to land on the sand. 'Bomber just got straight up and ran off and Blitz was a little more in shock but amazingly neither of them had a broken bone. 'We do get this a lot down here when people are walking on the cliffs and the animals do sometimes fall off the cliffs. 'The story serves as a cautionary tale for holidaymakers to be careful with their pets.'

source: dailymail