. . . and pity the baby owls orphaned by Britain's missing Spring


One rescue centre is considering closing its doors having seen a large influx of animals needing shelter including nine young tawny owls

AS the gales raged and the floods rose, their homes were destroyed and their families torn apart.
These tiny tawny owlets are among a soaring number of animals left orphaned or abandoned after the wettest April on record.
Caragh Hunter, of HART Wildlife Rescue, said: ‘Two were found inside a fallen tree. The others were found after being blown from trees. They’re all between four and eight weeks old. One was saved after a crow attacked it on the ground.’
So many animals have suffered a similar fate that the sanctuary, near Alton, Hampshire, is almost full.
In the Mendip Hills, two 14-week-old badger cubs were found screaming after their mother abandoned them as their sett flooded.

Lucky to be alive: Badger cubs Poseidon and Miranda lost their home

They were taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Highbridge, Somerset, where they have been named Poseidon, after the Greek god of the sea, and Miranda.
All of the rescued animals will be nursed back to health before being released back into the wild in the autumn.
Its latest arrivals also include a clutch of six blue tits who were brought in complete with their nest after it fell out of a tree.

Carer Sara Cowen with an orphaned badger called Hope who was found screaming at just 14-weeks old

Ms Hunter said: ‘We’ve never had so many owlets - more in the last few weeks than we had all last year.
‘We’re nearly full up, the weird spring weather is definitely to blame. When it was hot a few weeks ago we had hedgehogs being brought to us that were dehydrated, we’ve got sixteen of them in now.’
She added: ‘Sometimes people are too quick to step in and help. If you find an owl pick it up and put it on a branch. Its parents will probably come back soon to feed it. Whatever you do, phone a rescue centre for advice before bringing it in.’
Their birds and animals will also be released back into the wild around September after being restored to full health.
Staff have a similar story to tell with two 14 week old badger cubs that were heard screaming outside their swamped sett in the Mendip Hills in Somerset.

A nest of newly-hatched blue tits was blown from a tree today as a result of the fierce gales

The blue tits are also being cared for at HART Wildlife Rescue

When water began pouring in to their underground home, their mother had led them to the surface. But then her own instinct for survival and natural drive to save herself so she could breed again took over and she abandoned them.
Shivering, scared and starving, the pair - a male and a female - would have perished had not their anguished cries been heard by a nearby villager who alerted the Secret World Rescue sanctuary in nearby Highbridge.
Their staff rescued them and have nicknamed them Poseidon, after the ancient Greek god of the sea, and Miranda, after the character in The Little Mermaid.
Both needed veterinary treatment but have since made a full recovery. They are now living in a family group with other badgers at the centre and will be released back into the wild in the Autumn.

source: dailymail