'What you looking at?' Hilarious gallery showcases the world's most evil-looking pets


They're meant to be affectionate, loyal faces in your home, but it seems nobody told this group of surly pets. This hilarious collection of the most sour-faced domestic animals shows just how evil pets can look when the mood strikes.
Among the gallery of sinister snaps is a frog sporting a particularly evil smile, cats pictured with typical disdain, and even puppies scowling at the camera.
The unique group of pictures even features a surly owl glaring at the camera while perched on top of a workbench.
Some of the pets appear aggrieved due to the situation they are pictured in, such as a cat wrapped in a piece of curtain material.
Others look unhappy at being made to complete car journeys with humans, or simply don't enjoy having their picture taken.

Are you looking at me? This raccoon, albeit not a pet, looks none too pleased to have his picture taken

Don't even think about it: This young puppy dosn't look in the mood for fun when he was captured on camera

Evil smile: This cunning frog looks as though his grand masterplan is about to come to fruition

I'm not amused: Another young puppy gives his owner a good old-fashioned death stare in this hilarious picture

You'll pay for this: A cat wrapped in a piece of curtain material is just one of the other hilariously evil looking creatures pictured

Face of evil: This owl looks in no mood to pose for the camera when it was pictured on a workbench

Don't make me come up there: A particularly surly-looking dog shoots an evil glance at its owner through a rear view mirror

I'm coming for you: This dog looks like he is hatching an evil plan while his owners' backs are turned

Cold shoulder: A miserly-looking cat scowls while perched on his owner's shoulder

source: dailymail