He really IS a sitting duck: Chinese zoo throws live bird into tiger enclosure 'to improve animals' hunting instincts' (and pull in the crowds)


Targeted: The defenceless duck tried to outwit the tiger by taking to the water initially

They're predatory killers in the wild, but zoo visitors rarely see the same side of tigers when they are locked in an enclosure.
When Wenling Zoo in eastern China threw a live rabbit and duck into their tiger enclosure, however, visitors got a direct view of the majestic animals' hunting instincts.
The zoo in Zhejiang province, China, claimed 'wild' training program was part of a practice to help its tigers awaken their wild hunting instincts.

In for the kill: The tiger weighed up its options before diving in to the pool for its prey

The savage battle was over quite quickly as the duck was unable to put up much resistance

Officials at the zoo were no doubt keenly aware that the savage exercise would also have been a great way of pulling visitors in through its doors.
When one rabbit was introduced into the enclosure of three tigers, it was not long before the big cats stalked the small creature down and tore it apart for their meal.
At the same time a poor duck was thrown into the tigers' den, which suffered a similarly gruesome fate when a tiger jumped into a pool and killed the bird.

Grisly end: The tiger clamps its fearsome jaws around the duck as the one-sided battle comes to an end

No chance: The white rabbit makes a fruitless bid to escape the tiger after being thrown into its enclosure

Part of the food chain: The rabbit did not last long before it was killed and devoured by the three tigers

source: dailymail