Get miaow-out! Kitten who's already lost one of her nine lives after wedging herself in three-inch gap between two walls


Stuck in a rut: Pearl, an 11-month-old kitten, managed to to get stuck between a wall and a garage

This 11-month-old kitten has already lost one of its nine lives after it became wedged in a three inch gap between a garage and a garden wall.
Pearl spent two hours trapped in the tight spot while her frantic owner Betty Martin, 32, and the emergency services battled to free her.
In the end the garden wall had to be demolished so the black and white feline could be freed. She escaped serious injury and only suffered from shock and bloodied paws.
Miss Martin, of Barepot, near Workington, Cumbria, said: 'Pearl had been missing for about half an hour.
'I was searching for her when I heard a scrambling noise behind the garage.
'When I peered behind it, I saw the cat was stuck in a space of about three inches between the garage and the garden wall.

Paramedic Betty Martin had no choice but to call the fire brigade to help free her beloved pet

'Her feet weren't even touching the floor, bless her. Pearl hadn't realised that her bum is bigger than her head. She has a bit of a J-Lo bum, but a tiny head.
'I thought, 'Oh my God, how am I going to get her out?' I just wanted to cry, the sight of Pearl was really pulling at my heart strings.'
Miss Martin, a paramedic, was reluctant to call the emergency services but after struggling to free the kitten, realised she may not have a choice.
'I tried so hard to coax Pearl out, but she was stuck fast,' said Miss Martin. 'She was starting to struggle and I knew she would hurt herself if she wasn't freed soon.'
'In the end I called the fire brigade and six fire-fighters turned up. They took down the garden wall, brick by brick. Even when we were close enough to put our hands round Pearl we couldn't pull her out. We had to remove the brick next to her bum so we could free her.'

Firefighters carefully removed the bricks from the garden wall so that Pearl could be freed

Miss Martin said the shaky feline immediately curled up on the sofa following the ordeal and took a cat nap. A vet has prescribed pain killers while Pearl's paws heal.
'Pearl and Ruby are both very mischievous, they are always going into my drawer and pulling out my socks,' said Miss Martin.
'But I love them to bits and wouldn't change them for the world. I am so happy Pearl is okay. I would like to say a huge thank you to the fire-fighters, they were absolutely fantastic,' said Miss Martin, 'I can't thank them enough.'
A spokesperson for Workington fire brigade said: 'A kitten was rescued from between a garage and a wall. The crew used small tools to dismantle the wall and the cat was released.'

source: dailymail