Another doggone delay! Puppy causes chaos at New York airport after escaping on to runway


On the run: A Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy escaped from its crate and started running around the tarmac at New York's La Guardia airport

The thought of sitting on the runway while waiting for a plane to take off bothers many passengers.
That said, it is hard not to smile when the reason behind the delay is a puppy who got loose and evaded police capture on the runway.
The 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy named Byrdie escaped the cage it was supposed to travel in and went for a run on the tarmac.
The jailbreak took place Wednesday morning at New York's La Guardia airport around 10.21am. 'Byrdie got out of her gave and decided that Runway 21 would be the best place to get some exercise,' Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico told The New York Post. The pup ran from police and Port Authority representatives who were trying to coax it back to its cage.

Quick: The dog, named Byrdie, evaded capture by police and Port Authority workers for about 10 minutes on Wednesday morning

It wasn't a complete high-speed chase, however, as Byrdie saw fit to just pause and sit at one point.
After delaying a number awaiting flights for about 10 minutes, Byrdie's unidentified owner was located and brought to the tarmac so that she could end the situation.

Standoff: Eventually, when airport workers couldn't catch the dog, her owner was found and brought to the runway to convince the dog it was OK

As soon as the dog spotted its owner, Byrdie ran right over and the hijinks came to a close.
NBC New York reported that a number of passengers who were waiting in their seats saw the dog frolicking around the runway and Tweeted the news.
Byrdie and her owner boarded back on their Delta flight to Memphis and took off 20 minutes after their scheduled departure time.

Heading back out: Passengers trapped on board the nearby planes saw what was going on and Tweeted about the dog on the loose

source: dailymail