Woof! Celebrity Apprentice star Aubrey O'Day dyes her dogs rainbow colours to match her own newly-hued hairdo


Doggone crazy: Aubrey O'Day stepped out with her two dyed pups yesterday in West Hollywood

She's recently gone from blonde to cherry red, and now Aubrey O'Day has gone one step further by dying her dogs' hair, as well.
The Celebrity Apprentice star stepped out yesterday in West Hollywood flaunting her cotton-candy coloured pups.
The appropriately named Ginger was dyed a bright pink and forced to wear both a leopard print doggie suit and a large hair bow.
Maryanne was a bright blue cloud of fur.
The 28-year-old reality star was just as brightly hued as her animals were.
She wore bright red jeggings to match her newly dyed 'do, as well as a haphazardly patterned blue and black top.

A doggone colourful bunch: O'Day dyes her dogs Ginger and Maryanne

Her sunglasses were even colourful, as they had lenses in sunset shades of red and orange.
She was lunching at the popular Los Angeles eatery Toast with her former Danity Kane singer pal Melissa Molinari.
O'Day has been dying her dogs for years, and hotly defended her decision to keep them colourful.
She has said in the past that she changes her dogs' appearances for different occasions.

Rainbow bright: The 28-year-old reality star has defended her dog dye decisions in the past

Right to Twitter: The Celebrity Apprentice star can't resist snapping her cotton candy-coloured puppies

For example, she once dyed Ginger green because she 'loves the Boston Celtics'.
She said of her now pink pup: 'She likes to have looks. It actually seems like such a taboo weird thing nowadays, but if you research online, you will see a whole underworld of dogs who are dyed.'
She also explained the dog dying process, saying: 'I do it like anyone would colour hair. She sits on my lap, and I have a brush, and I paint it on and use foils.'

I for one think this is a great idea: O'Day has a thing for hair dye

source: dailymail