One peanut butter smoothie please: Squirrel tucks into his favourite treat - but only after spending hours learning how to use a straw


Success! The rodent manages to figure out how to use the straw to get a taste of the specially-made drink

A straw poll held in any back garden would suggest that when it comes to problem solving, you can’t beat a grey squirrel.
And this bright and bushy-tailed customer proved it, by rapidly learning how to drink a peanut-butter smoothie from a deep glass.
The resourceful rodent initially stood on tiptoes but could manage only to take the top off the tempting drink. Within two hours, however, he was merrily sucking through the plastic straw provided.

What a smoothie: This grey squirrel goes mad for Allison Carrick's peanut flavoured smoothie

Smells good: The squirrel seems to be inspecting the drink by taking a whiff before giving it a go

Getting closer: The squirrel almost gets his mouth up to the straw

Watching admiringly through her kitchen window in Stubbington, Hampshire, was 30-year-old Alison Carrick.
She had initially put the smoothie mixture in a dish, which the squirrel lapped up, but decided to test his intelligence.
She said: ‘My four-year-old daughter Hannah loves watching the squirrels. And at least this keeps them off the bird table.’

Thirsty: The squirrel decides to forgo the straw and drink straight out of the glass

source: dailymail