Oi, hands off our fish! Cheeky heron flies in as penguins enjoy new Olympic diving pool


Walking the plank: A heron eats a fish on the diving board whilst a penguin gazes up from the pool

There may still be 120 days until the start of the London 2012 Olympics but it seems as though the diving competition has already begun for these keen swimmers.
Leaping head-first from a diving board, a colony of penguins at London Zoo had to fend off an eager heron as they leapt from the newly-installed board for the first time.
While others seemed unsure of what to do with their new toy, one penguin braved the bird, and after waddling along the board, peered off the end curiously before taking the plunge.

Jump around: The heron and the penguin both take a plunge off the Olympics-themed diving board

Nose dive: A Humboldt Penguin jumps into the water as two of its companions ready themselves

The diving board has been installed at Penguin Beach, which houses 64 birds, to celebrate the zoo being awarded the 2012 logo for the summer’s Animal Athletes programme.
Twice-daily penguin shows are one of the zoo’s most popular attractions, and keepers are hoping the diving board will draw more visitors eager to watch the birds show off their impressive moves.

Eyes wide open: A penguin swims under and is closely followed by two others , part of the 64-strong colony at London Zoo

Head Bird keeper, Adrian Walls said: ‘Penguins love nothing more than to show off their diving skills and I think they’ll love having their very own diving board.’
The London 2012 Inspire programme, run by the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG), enables non-commercial organisations across the UK to link their activities with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Three's a company: A diving penguin and heron are watched by a seagull, left, and right, a penguin emerges from the water with three more submerged under

source: dailymail