Making friends with Flipper: Snooki laughs in delights as she splashes about with some performing dolphins


Talk to the animals: Jersey Shore's Snooki can't contain her delight as she larks about with some dolphins and her friend and co-star JWoww in holiday in Mexico

It's something that many of us have envisaged doing while on an exotic holiday in the sunshine.
Including Jersey Shore's Snooki, who actually got to fulfill her wish of swimming with dolphins yesterday as she took to the water to make friends.
The reality TV star, who is about four months pregnant, was snapped on holiday in Mexico with her friends and Jersey Shore co-stars, enjoying a break in the sun whilst also filming their new reality show.

Nice to meet you! Snooki is greeted by the dolphin with a huge finshake

Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, and JWoww, real name Jennifer Farley, were snapped in the ocean playing with friendly dolphins.
The 24-year-old mother-to-be looked delighted as one of the mammals came up and greeted her with a fin shake and then popped up out of the water to nuzzle her hand.

You're so cute! Snooki laughs as the dolphin pops out the water and nuzzles her hand

And JWoww even had the pleasure of a kiss with one of the cute creatures as she and Snooki played with them in the sea.
They are staying in Cancun, a popular celebrity holiday destination, where they are having a holiday but also filming for the new series.
Yesterday, the girls and their large camera crew took a boat to Isla Mujeres for the dolphin swimming session.

They're very friendly: Snooki looked a little unsure about the dolphins when she first got into the water...

... but soon plucked up the courage to stroke one of the pretty mammals

And they looked like they could have stayed there all day as they splashed and played about with their new friends.
Snooki announced earlier this month that she was pregnant by boyfriend Jionni LaValle.
Speaking about her pregnancy on Jersey Shore After House following the season five finale of the show, Snooki said: 'I'm only 24 so it happened kind of quick.

Affectionate: JWoww nuzzles into the dolphin for a kiss

source: dailymail