He's got a lot of bottle! Injured fox cub is nursed back to health after being found abandoned


Cute cub: Baby fox Albert is fed through a bottle by a carer at The Wildlife Aid Foundation after being discovered in a terrible condition under a rhododendron bush in a back garden

This little cub enjoys a much needed drink after enduring a tricky start to life - having been split from his mother and almost buried alive.
The young red fox, named Albert, was less than five days old and weighed just 200g when he developed hypothermia after being dropped by his mother.
After a night out in wintry weather a couple found him under a bush in their garden.
Stone cold and showing no signs of movement they presumed he was dead and the man set about digging a small burial hole.

Hand warmer: Little Albert recuperates in the loving hands of a carer. The 'miracle' pup was dropped by his mother and left for dead, but now he faces a brighter future

Incredibly, however, as his partner enveloped the tiny cub in her fingers the warmth was enough to bring him round.
The couple then got in touch with The Wildlife Aid Foundation based in Leatherhead, Surrey. The charity organisation took Albert in and have begun nurturing him back to health.
Lucy Kells, Hospital Manager at the foundation, said: 'Albert was dropped by his mother who was in the process of moving her litter.
'Amazingly, the warmth from being held by the woman saved his life.
'Had she decided not to pick him up and instead placed him on the ground, I have no doubt he would have died.

Feeling better: Albert stands up on his hind legs to take sip from a bottle, lovingly delivered by a carer at The Wildlife Aid Centre in Leatherhead

'He is now doing really well and has doubled in weight since he has been with us, though he is yet to open his eyes.
'Albert is a real fighter and all the volunteers here have bonded with him - especially given he is the only fox we have here at the moment.
'As soon as he opens his eyes though, we will limit all contact with him to give him the best chance of going back into the wild as a wild animal.
'We are hopeful Albert could be released as early as May and though it is rare - there is always the chance he may be able to reunite with his mother.'

source: dailymail