Call of the wild: Amazing reaction of wolves who come running when woman who befriended them in woods returns to visit


In a hurry: As soon as the pack of wolves spot the woman - known only as Anita - they begin to rush down the snowy hillside

They are related to the domestic dog, which many of us live with side-by-side each day. But despite their friendly relations, wolves are not known for getting on quite so well with humans.
Often living in the wilderness, they are fearsome predators which can bring down animals twice their size.
But as these incredible images show, they clearly have a softer side.
When a woman - known only as Anita - returned to the pack of wolves which she had socialised with for two years they reacted with sheer delight.
As she sat in the snow, the four wolves raced down a hillside towards her - something which would normally strike terror in any human being.
But rather than looking for something to eat, the wolves simply wanted to be reunited with the woman they obviously adore.

Delight: The first wolf on the scene starts kissing the woman's face. She had socialised with the wolves for two years and this was the first time they had seen her in two months

Playful: Soon, all four wolves reach the woman and begin to jump over her, behaving more like friendly dogs than fierce predators

Mobbed: All four wolves surround the woman. She got to know the pack at Polar Zoo in Salangsdalen, Norway

They jumped all over her and repeatedly licked her face - behaving more like friendly dogs than fierce predators.
According to TNT Magazine, the woman got to know the pack at the Polar Zoo in Salangsdalen, Norway, which is the world’s northernmost zoo.
After spending two years regularly seeing them, she returned following a two-month absence.
And as these pictures show, its quite obvious that they clearly missed their human companion.

source: dailymail