You weren't invited to this picnic! Hungry black bear gatecrashes family lunch... and tucks into their sandwiches


Bear faced cheek: This hungry black bear had no hesitation in interrupting a family picnic, where he tucked into sandwiches and cakes left behind by a terrified family

When a family headed down to the woods for a spot of lunch they had no idea it would turn in to a real-life teddy bear’s picnic.
And much like the song suggests they were definitely in for a big surprise - when it was gatecrashed by this hungry black bear.
These incredible pictures were captured by terrified walkers after their lunch was brought to an abrupt end by the ravenous visitor.

Lunchtime: The bear rummages through the food left by a fleeing family in the Shenandoah National Park, Virgina

It sat happily munching on cakes and sandwiches, ignoring the hysterical crowds, after the families enjoying the sunshine in the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, had fled when the enormous black bear came to join them for lunch.
It was only when a ranger turned up and pelted him with rocks that he finally decided he had had his fill, and went back into the woods.

Teddy bear picnic: Shocked walkers captured this hungry bear trawling through food on a picnic table after it interrupted a family lunch

Caught red handed: The bear tries to claw out anything left in packets left behind by terrified diners

'The bear saw the picnic table full of food and went over to it causing the people occupying the picnic table to run away.
'After the rangers were called one came up and chased the bear away.
'It was eventually trapped and relocated to another part of the park away from people.
'My impression was that the bear was getting into big trouble by raiding the picnic table but not being aggressive to the people around it.'

Time to roll: Just as the bear looks to tuck into a bread roll he is startled by park rangers who were called when the enormous animal rudely interrupted a family picnic

Full: Having had his fill the bear makes his way back into the woods as a park ranger attempts to shoo him away

source: dailymail