Top Californian wildlife official poses with dead mountain lion... after hunting the big cat was outlawed in state 20 YEARS ago


Big game: Daniel Richards, president of the Californian Fish and Wildlife Commission, controversially poses with a dead mountain lion which he shot in Idaho where hunting the cats is legal

The president of the California Fish and Wildlife Commission has caused outrage after posing for photographs clutching a dead mountain lion.
Daniel Richards, 59, is believed to have shot the animal in Idaho, where hunting the big cats is legal.
However in California, the state where he is in charge of wildlife decisions, hunting mountain lions has been banned for two decades.

Legislation in California also makes it illegal to bring the corpses of mountain lions into the state - although it was unclear if Mr Richards had done this.
The picture came to light after it was posted on the website of Western Outdoor News, the largest hunting and fishing newspaper in California.
It shows Mr Richards dressed in camouflage, standing in snow-covered woodland, proudly hoisting up the creature which slumps over in his arms.
Mr Richards, who is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, assumed the presidency of the Fish and Game Commission in 2008. His term ends next year.
Californian congressman Jared Huffman told the San Jose Mercury News: 'He’s done something that’s a disgrace to his position and to responsible hunters in California.'
The hunting of mountain lions has been illegal in California since 1990 after proposition 117 was passed.
The legislation also set aside $30 million of state funding until 2020 to buy up habitat to protect mountain lions and other species.

The non-profit Mountain Lion Foundation, which fought for the law to be passed, has now called for Mr Richards to give up his role.
On the MLF's website, it stated: 'While technically no laws were broken, California residents are disgusted and calling for Richards' immediate removal from the Commission.
'Since Richards proudly and openly defies the priorities of the people he was appointed to represent, clearly he can't be trusted and he needs to go.'

source: dailymail