I want to be just like chew: Hit YouTube video shows baby learning to bite by copying puppy


I've got a bone to pick with you: The baby clocks the puppy gnawing on its bone

It's hardly a traditional method for a child to pick up its behaviour, but rules were made to be broken.
And, in this case, the rule-breaking makes for a heartwarming video that has become a YouTube smash.
In the video we see a five-month-old baby pick up the art of chewing from a dog.

Anything you can chew... The five-month-old gets its mouth round a plastic toy

Entitled Puggles Teach Baby To Chew, the 38 second clip opens with footage of a little brown puppy gnawing away on its bone.
The camera then pans to the right where a baby stares intently at the young pup, while holding on to his plastic toy.
As his big eyes stay focused intently on the dog, the baby then leans into his colourful toy, opens his mouth and proceeds to chew on it.

Quite a mouthful: The baby starts to chew its toy, but keeps a close eye on his 'teacher'

The camera pans back to the puppy, who still has its mouth wrapped around the bone, and then on to the baby once again, highlighting the synchronicity between the two.
Next, the camera zooms out and offers up one last amusing surprise - there's another, grown-up, dog also happily chewing away on a large plastic toy and completing the trio.
The clip has now had over 123,000 hits on YouTube with plenty of users of course commenting on how funny the clip is.

Feeding time... Baby and puppy chew away at the same time

Zuffox joked: 'Baby's first word: "Woof"'.
While CaptnGraviton added: 'Eat well little one, for tomorrow we chase cats.'
Although, as with almost everything that gets posted online, there had to be at least one detractor.
User Smarshall5555 commented: 'This is what happens when you let dogs raise your kids. Next thing you know he'll be chewing on table legs. What a mess.'

And that makes three: The camera zooms out to show another, older, dog also chewing on a toy

source: dailymail