Her little bit of ruff! Lucy Mecklenburgh takes puppy Bentley for walkies Essex style (by carrying him)


Settling in: Lucy Meckleburgh's puppy looks like he is settling in very well as this Twitter picture shows

Perfecting the Essex trout pout is tough, especially if you find yourself carrying a small puppy wearing a red jumper.
But for Lucy Mecklenburgh her pet Bentley is more than just a dog, he is the ultimate promise of fidelity from boyfriend Mario Falcone.
Which is probably why the reality star felt she had to smile broadly as she was spotted taking Bentley for a walk.

Ruff and ready: Bentley perfects his pout with Lucy Mecklenburgh as they leave her boutique in Essex

In fact, it was less walkies and more carries for Bentley, who it seems is too posh put his paws on the pavement this afternoon.
But Lucy, 20, certainly didn't mind as she looked pleased as punch to be carrying her new best friend out of her boutique in Essex.
Mario and Lucy appear to be steaming ahead in their reconciled relationship despite promising to take it slow.

Puppy love: Lucy and Bentley both look to the floor as they are spotted out in Brentwood

Mario surprised his girlfriend with a brand new puppy which he wanted to name Max.
But when Lucy said that she preferred the name Bentley, he offered an exchange. 'If you want to call him Bentley you have to give me sex,' he said. 'So either you call him Bentley and I get sexy time, or call him Max and you get your three dates and romance.'
Lucy was quick to let go of her resolve, replying: 'Bentley it is.'

Surprise! Despite promising to take their reconciled relationship slowly, Mario surprised girlfriend Lucy with a new puppy

Max or Bentley? In exchange for getting to choose the new pet's name, Lucy had to let go of her 'three date rule' before sleeping with Mario again

Perhaps that's why the brunette was grinning as she clutched Bentley, wearing a pretty floral dress.
It seems her small puppy it is settling in well, although the shop owner said the evenings have been 'interesting'.
She wrote on Twitter: 'Morning !! that was an interesting night sleep with bentley !!! Last day of filming ! Party time!!!'

source: dailymail