Say cheesy! The hilariously awkward pictures when pets take pride of place in the family photo album


Spaced out: A smorgasbord of style choices were heaped upon this poor cat as two owners clash leather trousers and floral print against an intergalactic backdrop

They are often treated like one of the family - but you can imagine that in these special snapshots, some pets really wish they weren't.
Not content with containing the misery of awkward family photos to those who can voice a complaint, these fun-loving pet owners have got their dogs, cats, parrots, horses and even pet snake in on the action.
The results are a set of hideous, but more importantly hilarious, pictures of owners and their beloved animals.

Who said you would grow old alone with a cat? One bride refuses to go down the aisle without a trusted feline friend

Blushing pink: Some people just know how to make sure their look is always centre of attention

Terrified: This poor puppy looks pleadingly at the camera as his owner attempts to capture a mood shot in monochrome

Monkey puzzle: A couple struggle to keep a grip of their chimps dressed in homemade dungarees and dresses

Family ties: It may have all started out as a good laugh but with a python coiled around your throat, this foursome are grinning in sheer terror

Crackers: A couple, their mullets, pet parrot and rifle equipped with scope and bayonet = one big happy family

Stocking filler: Just what every young lady wants from Santa Claus - her very own monkey in a dress

Oh deer: Not even a on-trend floral jumpsuit can stop these siblings being upstaged by their woodland friend

Slobbering: The slack-jawed docile labrador has managed to come off significantly more dignified in this shot

Out of this world: With only basic Photoshop skills, you can create masterpieces your relatives will enjoy for years to come

Pets aren't just for Christmas: One gent shows how to get the most out of your menagerie all year round

Sharing the love: If someone plonks a skunk on your lap in a family photo, make sure your brothers get a hand in the action too

Funny farm: Even with their hands full, one family prove they can take life in the great outdoors completely in their stride with this action shot

Dyeing to be noticed: It all started so innocently with a few frosted tips for this animal lover...

Nuts galore: If you think lederhosen, braces and statement tie aren't enough to make your photo stand out, by all means bring in the pet cat and a squirrel from the garden

source: dailymail