Mummy's boy! Cub lays on back of lioness after a hard day's playing


Taking it easy: A cub rests up on the back of its mother in Kenya's Masai Mara game reserve

When you are feeling bushed after learning how to fight and fending for yourself all day there is only one person you turn to for comfort - your mother.
And what better place to rest your head than their soft furry back... if you are a lion cub.
Not that this lioness minded as she and her cute child enjoyed a touching moment in Musiara Marsh at the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya.

Curiosity did not kill the cat: Two cubs investigate a remote camera which took pictures of their every move

Cat fight: A young lion leaps in to the air while play fighting in tall grass at the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya

Award-winning American nature photographer Paul Souders, from Seattle, captured these intimate images of two-year-old cubs at play on a camera with a remote trigger.
He took pictures of their every move - even when two of them got up close and personal as they investigated the strange technology - from the safety of his SUV some distance away.
The fearless young animals clawed each other playfully as they practiced moves they might need when they are as big as their parents.
One of the curious cubs naughtily played with its food - in this case a warthog carcass.

Pride of Africa: As a storm approaches at dusk, a lion and lioness lay on the grass unaware they are being photographed

Feeding time: One of the lion cubs keeps a firm grip on its food as it shakes the carcass of a young warthog

Face-off: Two lionesses fight for supremacy in the reserve which is a sanctuary for big cats, elephants rhino and buffalo

Their African hunting ground is a 900 square mile sanctuary for wildlife, 150 miles southeast of Kenya's capital, Nairobi.
As well as the big five beasts - lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo - there are more than 400 species of birds that make their home there.

source: dailymail